With the holiday period upon us, getting to grips with managing your credit card digitally can go a long way to ensuring stress free festive season spending.
Chris Labuschagne, CEO of FNB Credit Card, says during the festive season when time is a luxury, consumers should take advantage of self-service platforms on their banks’ digital and electronic channels in order to conveniently manage their credit cards.
“We are seeing an increase in the number of customers who choose to maintain their credit cards through the FNB App, Online Banking as well as our vast network of FNB ATM, ADT or Slimlines across the country,” says Labuschagne.
He unpacks the benefits and advantages of managing your credit card digitally:
* Stolen card while traveling — being able to cancel a lost or stolen credit card at the push of a button while traveling can ensure that your cash is always safe.
* Forgotten pin — nothing can be inconveniencing as having to physically go into a branch to reset your pin in order to continue shopping, when you have the ability to view and change the pin instantly.
* Misplaced card — you can temporarily block your card if you suspect that you have misplaced it, in order to ensure that no one uses it. When the card has been found or confirmed as lost, you can then use digital channels to take the necessary action.
* Increasing the limit — although some banks still require consumers to first apply through a branch or call-centre to get their credit card limits increased, FNB empowers customers to also conveniently do this through the FNB App and online banking.
* 24/7 access — unlike a bank branch or call centre where you are restricted to certain hours for consultation, digital channels allow you to manage your card anytime of the day.
* Activating a new card — FNB online banking allows customers to order a new card and get it couriered to their place of convenience. Upon receiving the card, it can be activated instantly without having to visit a branch.
Digital platforms also come in handy for minor day to day card maintenance services like retrieving historical statements, transferring cash to another card or viewing the latest transactions, etc.
“Take advantage of digital banking channels when managing your credit card this festive season, not only are they cost effective and convenient, they are quick, allowing you to spend valuable time with your loved ones,” concludes Labuschagne.