Global vehicle tracking, fleet management, and telematics provider, Cartrack, has launched CarWatch, a user-friendly, add-on to its mobile theft detection applications that further assists in ensuring vehicle owners’ peace of mind.
CarWatch enables customers to set an alert via the Cartrack mobile application on any of their vehicles that are equipped with fleet management tracking products. Subsequently, if any unauthorised ignition or movement of a specified vehicle takes place, a push notification is sent to the client’s mobile phone.
Cartrack’s 24-hour control room is immediately notified and a control-room case is created and actioned by a Cartrack agent, who will call the client to confirm that all is in order. This new product is available on Android and IOS as a value-added service costing R20/month.
Cartrack South Africa CEO, Andre Ittmann, notes that CarWatch places additional control in the hands of Cartracks’ customers.
“CarWatch further assists with earlier detection of vehicle theft, thereby ensuring that Cartrack and our customers have the opportunity to act even faster if their vehicle is moved from a stationary position without authorisation. This process ultimately results in a more cohesive and efficient vehicle recovery process, and empowers our customers with enhanced security of their vehicles.”
CarWatch employs geofence technology, a software that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to map out geographical boundaries surrounding a vehicle.
Cartrack’s tracking technology is installed in more than 500,000 commercial and private vehicles across the country. The data from these devices indicates the trends and patterns of vehicle theft, which informs the development of new technology such as CarWatch.
Ittmann concludes that the company will continue to pursue innovative and consumer-beneficial products.
“Cartrack manufactures all our units internally and functionality is developed mainly internally, with limited external involvement. Input into new developments emanates from the requirements and trends in the various countries in which we operate, and we are constantly reviewing our products to improve our service offering to clients.
“Moving forward, we will continue to develop innovative and user-friendly products that results in our customers receiving world-class service and value.”