It’s been confirmed that Incredible Solutions has closed its doors.
IT-Online understands that the company filed for voluntary liquidation, but other sources believe that a bank might have been involved.

Vendors and distributors have been locked in meetings today, hoping to find a way forward for staff and suppliers.

Incredible Solutions is a supplier of IT services, accessories and products through its retail partners. Its product lines include hardware, software, digital equipment, computer accessories, and consumables.

The company, with about 120 employees, was founded in 1996 and is a supplier to national chain stores like Game and Dion Wired.

As well as product supply, Incredible Solutions is involved in repairs and maintenance, onsite service, technical support, and logistics.

Update: Incredible Solutions’ suppliers are hopeful of putting together a business rescue plan. On Monday, various options were still being explored, with a final decision expected before the end of the day.