ADATA Technology has launched the UV230 and UV330 USB Flash drives.
The UV230 works in USB 2.0 and is offered in up to 64GB, while the UV330 operates in much faster USB 3.1 and ships in up to 128GB.
The UV230 and UV330 are capless, with extended USB connectors that neatly protrude and retract into the main body of the drive using a slider that can be easily controlled with one finger.
The UV230 arrives in black and blue, and the UV330 ships in black and red.
The two drives have a dedicated hook for securing them to a strap, lanyard, keychain or other attachments.
The UV230 costs R89 for a 16Gb drive, R169 for 32Gb and R299 for 64Gb. The UV330 is R99 for 16Gb, R189 for 32Gb, R369 for 64Gb and R699 for 128Gb.