Growth Institute, in co-operation with MARKedPlace, announces a new funding channel for students who wish to pursue tertiary studies.
The new MARKedPlace channel provides prospective students with an opportunity to access crowd funding so that they can pay for their tuition.
“Crowd funding is a powerful channel that is not yet fully understood or embraced by the market,” says Stephen Endersby, director at “For the first time in South Africa a platform will focus on the funding needs of students who wish to further their studies at either Public or Private institutions but who cannot afford to do so without financial assistance.”
“Our vision has always been to offer affordable and flexible study options to the market,” says Jacques de Villiers CEO at the Growth Institute. “Crowd funding provides students with an opportunity to make their dreams known to the general public. We could not have picked a better strategic partner in this endeavour.”
Worldwide, crowd funding become a popular way to access funding. There is no reason why crowd-funding models cannot work in the tertiary education space. Students have the benefit to access funds without having debt burdens that could encumber them for years after they have completed their studies.