ADATA Technology has launched a combo pack of the INFAREX M10 gaming mouse and INFAREX R10 mousepad.
Both devices are equipped with RGB lighting effects, creating the optimal atmosphere and gaming experience.
Both the M10 and R10 are designed with user comfort in mind and to ensure that gaming remains an enjoyable experience even after long sessions.
The INFAREX M10 boasts 3200DPI optical sensitivity as well as a built-in DPI switch, which gives gamers maximum accuracy, precision, and flexibility when aiming.
The ergonomic curvature of the mouse was created based on gamers’ grips and helps protect against wrist pain from repeated clicks.
The INFAREX R10 mousepad sets the mood for maximum immersion in any gaming experience, thanks to its three lighting modes – mono-colored lights, cycling lights, and pulsing lights.
Thanks to its built-in RGB lighting and three lighting modes, the INFAREX R10 mousepad injects excitement and variety into any gamer’s battle station, while also providing optimal accuracy and precision. Users can switch between lighting modes simply by tapping the surface of the mousepad, which is made of scratch-resistant PVC materials.
This combination of style and substance means that the R10 is the mousepad of choice for gamers who want eye-catching performance both in-game and out.
The INFAREX M10 gaming mouse also comes with RGB lighting effects, which help boost the thrill of battle. The mouse’s optical sensors offer a high sensitivity of 3200DPI, which can be changed on the fly with the built-in DPI button. This means that mouse settings can be quickly and easily changed for different games, or even for different scenarios in the same game.
Coupled with the mouse’s 145IPS tracking performance, gamers will never have to worry about wielding a substandard mouse again.
The rubber material and ridged lines on the side of the mouse were added with user comfort in mind, therefore gamers will be able to maintain their hold on the mouse no matter how long their sessions last, thus ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience from beginning to end.
Local pricing INFAREX M10+INFAREX R10 for South Africa will be R548, it will be available in Q1.