Hitachi and Hitachi Vantara recently released Hitachi’s first commercial Lumada internet of things (IoT) platform. The purpose of the platform is to make it simple to harness the power of IoT data in order to drive real value for Hitachi’s customers and partners.
Now in its v2.0 release, the next-generation Lumada architecture has been fully updated with five major layers to increase its flexibility and portability.
This means that the platform can run both on premise and in the cloud. It can also support industrial IoT deployments both at the edge an in the core, making it simple to upload unstructured data. In addition, the new architecture enables comprehensive security capabilities.
The platform is structured as follows:
* Lumada edge: Allows any variety and velocity of data to be easily ingested, transformed and analysed in close proximity to physical assets.
* Lumada core: Provides asset registry, identity and access management and simplifies the creation of asset avatars.
* Lumada analytics: Blends OT and IT data, uncovering patterns using powerful analytics, machine learning and AI.
* Lumada studio: Delivers predefined widgets to simplify the creation of dashboard applications; issues alerts, notifications or just straight-through processing.
* Lumada foundry: Offers foundational services to ease deployment on-premises and in the cloud, as well as security, microservices and support features.
The result is an intelligent and flexible platform that accelerates superior outcomes for both enterprise and industrial customers.
Lumada helps businesses increase operational efficiencies and save costs. It also provides enhanced operational safety and reliability, improved asset utilisation, performance management and product quality, as well as assisting with the creation of new business models.
“Our next-generation Lumada IoT platform demonstrates Hitachi’s unparalleled expertise in both OT and IT, and reinforces Hitachi’s commitment to being an innovation partner for our customers in the IoT era,” says Keiji Kojima, chairman at Hitachi Vantara and senior vice-president and executive officer at Hitachi. “In either case, we believe Hitachi is delivering a highly intelligent and unique solution that challenges the industrial IoT platform market status quo.”