Panasonic kicked off its centenary year with a bang at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.
The company announced its investment in a diversity of domains, including electric cars, voice assistant integrations and developments in lifestyle appliances.
Hidetoshi Kaneko, Panasonic South Africa’s MD, believes that these investments align with Panasonic’s quest to make daily life a better experience for people across the globe.
“We are proud to expand our repertoire to include next-generation technology to create a better life and a better world for our consumers,” comments Kaneko.
Home entertainment’s vision for 2018 is to bring Hollywood to the home. Panasonic will be rolling out some impressive 4K OLED TVs – the FZ950 and FZ800 series – featuring the HCX video processor and supporting HDR10+ dynamic metadata technology, as well as four new Ultra HD Blu-ray players to maximise the leisure of any living room.
Panasonic’s high-end audio line, Technics, has unveiled the specs for its most premium turntable ever.
Panasonic announced a partnership with Amazon that will bring Alexa to in-car infotainment systems. As an on-board driving assistant, Alexa will share driving distances, calendar appointments and point users in the direction of the nearest electric vehicle charging station.
Panasonic will also partner with Tesla to build better batteries for electric vehicles.
The company also boasts a new line of 4K camcorders with new sensors and lenses – HC-WXF1, HC-VX1K and the HCV-800K, which is a full HD camcorder – and the sequel to the highly-regarded GH5 camera, the Lumix GH5S, which promises increased low light sensitivity.