MicroStrategy has unveiled a map for the Intelligent Enterprise at its annual user conference, MicroStrategy World 2018, taking place in Las Vegas.
The map serves as a playbook that offers a collection of technologies and techniques to help organisations leverage existing investments and navigate toward a successful data-driven organization, which MicroStrategy refers to as the Intelligent Enterprise.
MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor highlights the challenges companies face when confronted with constantly evolving pressures. To lead in their respective markets, companies should take the necessary steps to become Intelligent Enterprises.
Shared with conference attendees, the map of the Intelligent Enterprise presents a comprehensive playbook of technology combined with techniques that modern businesses can adopt as they start their analytics journey. Companies can use the playbook to plan their analytics initiatives for 2018 and consider how each part impacts business constituents, from employees to customers and vendors.
“Organisations large and small can now use the map of the Intelligence Enterprise to identify solutions to meet regulatory, technological, market, and competitive challenges, and turn them into opportunity and profit,” says Saylor. “The most successful organizations will be the ones that embrace a cohesive analytics framework to leverage all the different intelligence assets and deliver powerful analytics and mobility solutions across the enterprise.
“The map of the Intelligent Enterprise shows how an organisation can make full use of our products and services, and deliver transformative insight to every department, device, and constituent.”
The playbook offers organisations a detailed assessment that helps them evaluate the impact of external forces and catalogue existing enterprise assets for every constituent across the organization. It helps plot a course to institute the teams, processes, and architecture required to build an Intelligent Enterprise and launch an organisation’s journey to success.
The map of the Intelligent Enterprise takes feedback from hundreds of MicroStrategy’s leading customers and partners into account, and recognizes the need for a modern platform to build, deploy, and maintain intelligence applications. It underscores the importance of being able to quickly overcome challenges and build applications on top of existing enterprise assets and data investments.
It outlines the following components of an Intelligent Enterprise:
* Platform Services encompassing critical capabilities to deploy analytics and mobility applications with high performance and scalability on top of enterprise assets.
* Application Services comprised of a suite of enterprise-caliber add-on services available for architects to quickly and easily integrate into any application.
* Reusable Schema captured in business terms that maps to enterprise assets and abstracts complexities of the underlying data to allow rapid development.
* Federated, Certified Data published to enterprise architects, and departmental analysts, data scientists and developers.
* Applications that are containers of actionable intelligence, packaged and published to the enterprise and departments.
* Security that includes capabilities enabling the development of personalized and secured applications incorporating multi-factor, multi-layer authentication.
According to the playbook, in order to build a model where all constituents have instant access to intelligence, organizations depend on an intelligence platform that supports enterprise and departmental app development in concert with agile data discovery.
Business users, analysts, data scientists, and developers in every department will require access to powerful clients to build ad-hoc, departmental and enterprise applications. The intelligence applications must be made available across a full range of devices in order for more people across the enterprise and beyond to benefit and act on insight.
In order to establish the foundation for the Intelligent Enterprise, the playbook recommends implementing the following intelligent techniques:
* An intelligence architecture that supports ad-hoc and departmental analytics, as well as enterprise applications;
* An intelligence center that comprises a team of expert architects who maintain the platform and intelligent processes; and
* An intelligence program that consists of enterprise best practices to build, deploy, and operate.
“Nearly every organization wants one set of information that its employees can easily access and trust. The map of Intelligent Enterprise gives organizations the knowledge and insight they need to make that a reality,” says Tim Lang, senior executive vice-president and chief technology officer of MicroStrategy. “Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise is a journey and MicroStrategy is here to help prepare our customers to plan for and take on their analytics transformation. There is no better way to begin that journey than to download a copy of MicroStrategy Desktop and get started today.”