With every third enterprise business having faced a targeted attack in the past year, it has become critical for organisations to have a strong advanced threat detection system.
That’s what the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform is designed for and its has achieved a 100% detection rate of new and unknown threats in an independent test held by ICSA Labs for the third quarter in a row.

ICSA Labs Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) Testing is aimed at vendor solutions protecting enterprises from advanced threats. Each ATD test employs only new and little-known malicious threats delivered by the most prevalent threat vectors leading to enterprise breaches, delivering hundreds of unique malicious samples during each quarterly test cycle. Taking into consideration the type of the solution — whether it is at the endpoint, at the perimeter, in the cloud or a combination — ATD Certification Testing accommodates security solutions from various vendors in one test.

The testing process lasted for 28 days, consisting of 541 attacks and 524 clean files. Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform successfully identified 100.0% of previously unknown threats, with a 0% false alarm rate.

ICSA Labs creates unique scenarios for each test, simulating plausible cybercriminal attacks. To reach the leadership position, a solution had to detect both new and little-known threats, along with the primary threat vectors leading to enterprise breaches, such as “Direct Install”, “Web Download”, “Web Drive-By”, and “Download by Malware”. For the 3rd test cycle in a year, the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform achieved top results — underlying the impressive result of Kaspersky Lab’s advanced threat protection offering.

“Evasive threat discovery is a difficult task, as evidenced by the ICSA Labs tests,” comments Oleg Glebov, anti-targeted attacks solution business lead at Kaspersky Lab. “To get it done in the most efficient way, a solution needs to incorporate a comprehensive set of technologies, including machine learning-based threat analysis, advanced sandbox technology, network analysis, and global threat intelligence.

“Retaining a record 100% detection score and zero-level of false detections for three tests in a row, the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform defends customers from a multitude of threats every single time, no matter what form the attack takes.”

ICSA Labs (International Computer Security Association) is an independent subsidiary of Verizon and has been testing and evaluating cybersecurity solutions since 1989.