Xperien has warned companies to guard against uncertified computer refurbishers.
Ongoing financial pressure has helped boost the refurbishing industry, as businesses streamline their IT budgets and become more innovative in their purchasing decisions.

Xperien MD Alvin Peacock says refurbished electronics is fast becoming the preferred alternative. “Refurbished products can be purchased at a portion of the price, but provide a far better price versus value specification when compared to buying a new one.

“However, consumers need to ensure refurbished products are refurbished and certified by a trusted and accredited refurbishing factory that offers adequate warranties and return policies,” he warns.

Xperien has introduced an industry standard called Certified Refurbished System (CRS) to ensure refurbished systems are ISO-certified and audited.

“We have introduced these standards and will gladly certify refurbishers who are interested in becoming compliant,” Peacock says.

CRS products have been through factory grade processes that are certified and audited by ISO 14001:2015, ISO9001:2015. They also offers a 12-24-month warranty on electronics.