Independent broadband provider Otel Communications is offering gated communities welcome respite in tough economic times through South Africa’s most affordable voice rate.
“We’re calling on owners, tenants and managers of the country’s residential estates, business parks, fibre precincts and other complexes to give themselves and their neighbours a financial break in 2018 by switching from copper to fibre,” says Otel Communications CEO, Rad Jankovic.

“Our fibre-based voice and data communication within gated communities enables per minute voice calling that is an astonishing 65% cheaper than traditional fixed-line voice telephony. Estate owners and managers would be well advised to approach Otel for a customised voice and data rollout plan that taps into our quarter-million kilometre fibre backbone,” says Jankovic.

In addition, Otel is also looking for new wholesale channel partners to help it evangelise the copper-to-fibre revolution. “Always-on, fibre-based business and residential broadband enables so many valued-added services. On the business side, service level agreements (SLAs) are an integral part of fibre-based business broadband. These bespoke contracts guarantee an almost 100% uptime that would be impossible with copper-based ADSL,” Jankovic explains.

Otel has been able to grow its reseller base in towns and cities around the country through a unique partnership model that enables resellers to set their own sales margins. This creates annuity profit margins in excess of 50% on voice and data services, while still providing significant cost savings to clients.

Fundamentally, copper wire has severe reliability, predictability and speed constraints compared to high-speed, always-available fibre optic underground cable delivered through FTTB (fibre to the business) rollouts by independent operators like Otel.

Unparalleled reliability aside, the higher speeds and uncapped bandwidth made possible by fibre-based broadband means the end user does not only experience faster Internet, but also has the opportunity to achieve further savings on quality VOIP solutions. There’s also the ability to take advantage of various over-the-top (OTT) services like offsite security monitoring, secure data storage, amongst others.

Otel’s ability to deliver VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services on top of fibre links at super-affordable rates has seen it experience tremendous growth since SA’s telecoms market was liberalised more than a decade ago. From a modest regional operation in 2008, Otel is today a licensed nationwide provider of VoIP and broadband Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) telecommunications solutions, all powered by fibre.

“Internet access delivered via fibre optic cable has forever changed the lives of business and residential communities around the world for the better. It’s crunch time for those South African estates that are still relying on copper and we’re more than happy to advise them on the most affordable way to make the move to fibre in 2018,” says Jankovic.