Global blockchain service provider Wizzle has launched the Wizzle Infinity initial coin offering (ICO).
The ICO aims to drive growth of the Wizzle Network and the Wizzle bank-in-a-box solution which is already operating in the Netherlands, while lowering the barrier to entry for both consumers and businesses.

The new Wizzle Infinity (WZI) token can be used as currency to pay for services provided by Wizzle or its partners. They will be available to purchase at a discount during the various ICO phases, and will be accessible to anyone in any country, unless prohibited by regulation.

The Wizzle Infinity ICO spans three distinct time frames:

* Airdrop from 16 to 31 January, when 50-million Wizzle Infinity tokens are available for free.

* Presale from 1 to 28 February, when 1,5-billion tokens will be sold for at a 50% discount.

* ICO from 1 to 31 March, when 500-million tokens will be sold at 40% discount, 500-million tokens will be sold at 30% discount and all other tokens will be sold at 25% discount for a 2-billion cap.

The Airdrop phase received more than 40 000 registrations in its first week. It is intended to encourage the broadest base of participants possible, in line with its mission to encourage mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

To participate in the Airdrop, entrants must have a registered Ethereum address.

For those who miss out on the initial phase, Wizzle has developed an ongoing referral scheme designed to ignite conversations while encouraging adoption of the WZI and opening up the ICO to a wider pool of participants.

“Our goal is to make blockchain technology as accessible and simple as possible,” says Mark Noorlander, CEO of Wizzle Global. “We believe that a local presence is key to the adoption of blockchain technology so we have created an advanced platform, the Wizzle bank-in-a-box, to provide users with a space where they can buy and sell tokens using well-known payment methods from around the world.”

Wizzle’s solution is supported by a network of local franchises that are customised to address local needs and provide targeted customer support. With the Wizzle toolkit, anyone can take advantage of what cryptocurrencies have to offer.

The allocation of the funds raised by the Wizzle ICO will be as follows:

* 50% will be allocated to ensure liquidity;

* 15% will be allocated to install and distribute Wizzle bank-in-a-box ATMs;

* 13% will be allocated to cover contingency costs;

* 8% will be allocated to cover operational costs;

* 7% will be allocated to regulatory compliances; and4* 7% will be allocated to cover marketing costs

“By contributing to our ICO, you are taking part in a unique opportunity that will fund our growing network of franchises,” concludes Noorlander. “The world is at the start of the blockchain era and this technology is set to ignite on a global scale. Wizzle is ready to support its customers as they take advantage of everything that it has to offer.”