There is a generational shift underway in the workforce today, with as many as six generations now working side by side.
Demographers and workforce planners have been anticipating the post-Baby Boomer shift for decades. It marks a turning point in that the workforce is aging on one end of the spectrum and getting younger on the other.

In the middle there is a gap, with the prime age workforce shrinking as an overall percentage of the workforce.

Bruce Tulgan and RainmakerThinking have been tracking this transformation for more than 20 years, presenting their latest findings in “The Great Generational Shift: Update 2018”.

The study indicates that this is no ordinary generation gap in the workplace, but a powerful lens through which to understand changes in the nature of the workplace.

These include:

* The myth of job security is dead;

* Short-term rewards and benefits are the “new normal”;

* Employees today are much less likely to believe an employer’s long-term promises; and

* The free-agent mindset is now the prevailing workforce mindset.