FlySafair has become the first local low-cost carrier to offer cashless transactions on all of its flights.
The airline has officially launched AviaPay, a new mobile point of sale (POS) system, enabling passengers to use their credit and debit cards to purchase refreshments inflight.

The solution, which is the result of a partnership between BlueMarket Retail Solutions, and payment service providers, PayGate and PosMarket, was specifically designed to address the needs of the aviation industry.

“We are delighted to be the first low-cost carrier in South Africa to provide customers with the convenience of paying for inflight purchases by card. Not only will this make transacting easier, but it also means passengers won’t have to risk carrying cash on them,” says Kirby Gordon, head of sales and distribution at FlySafair.

Another major benefit of the technology is that FlySafair can now provide travellers with receipts, regardless of the payment method used. This makes it far simpler for business travellers to manage their expense claims. Dealing with the administration relating to these claims also becomes easier for the travel management teams which process them.

“Working with FlySafair has been an absolute pleasure. The team is incredibly dynamic and decisive, which is why we were able to implement this system in a record two month period. There are already discussions around added functionality, and we look forward to building on a relationship that has had a fantastic start. Look out for new innovations to be launched in the near future with FlySafair,” says Theron Uys, business development director at BlueMarket.