ADATA Technology has launched the HD710M Pro and HD710A Pro, two new entries in the Durable line of external hard drives.
The HD710M Pro and HD710A Pro offer protection against dust and moisture that exceeds IP68 standards, as well as military-grade shock-proofing.
The military-grade storage solutions in ADATA’s Durable series have received multiple awards from organisations such as iF and the Red Dot Award.
The HD710M Pro and HD710A Pro both have strong protections against water and dust, which exceed IP68 standards, meaning that they are insusceptible to foreign particles and moisture. They can even survive submerged for 60 minutes in 2m of water, unscathed.
The triple-layered construction gives the hard drives protection against shocks and collisions, having passed drop tests on 26 separate points of impact. They can even survive falls of up to 1,5m.
The HD710M Pro and HD710A Pro are both equipped with shock sensors that can detect vibrations. When strong vibrations occur while the hard drive is in use, a red warning LED will illuminate, and the device will automatically activate its protective systems to prevent damage.
The user-friendly waterproof cover can be attached to the exterior of the HD710M Pro and HD710A Pro, which means that users can rest easy knowing that their data is under the most secure protection.
The HD710A Pro comes with the Apple HFS+ system and supports Apple Time Machine, giving it a high degree of compatibility with Apple devices.
The HD710M Pro and HD710A Pro have capacities of up to 2Tb and, with to the high-speed USB3.1 interface, transferring files is quick, easy, and convenient.