The customer is always right. The old adage has never been more relevant than it is today.
For the logistics and supply chain industry, the effective delivery of products and the ability to delight the customer remain hard targets to hit with unerring accuracy.

At the 2018 Eurasiayan Supply Chain and Logistics Forum, Trackmatic CEO David Slotow will showcase how the transportation and logistics industry can transform operations by blending people and technology.

“Individuals and businesses expect their goods to arrive faster, to be more flexible in their delivery methodologies, and to do all this at a lower price point than ever before,” he says. “Technology that enables this may be one of the agents of change, but without people it is just a tool that lacks a catalyst.”

The solution is to empower the driver; to turn the person who sits behind wheel into the solution.

At the 2018 Eurasiayan Supply Chain and Logistics Forum, Slotow will demonstrate the relevance and impact of Driver-Led Visibility by unpacking three case studies that show how mobility-only solutions have enabled drivers to shift behaviour.

Drivers empowered by this level of technology and support show marked levels of improvement across driver engagement, alignment with business strategy and on-road performance.

In addition, Slotow will highlight how the technology used by the drivers can deliver valuable insights and trends to the organisation, allowing for richer decision making and better bottom line results.