South Africa’s IoT.nx, has entered into a partnership with listed Dutch company ICT Group as part of its ongoing expansion into Europe, where demand for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and digitisation is growing.
“We have engaged different companies since opening our first office outside South Africa in The Hague last year, seeking appropriate partners to help drive our entry into Europe,” says IoT.nxt CEO, Nico Steyn.

“ICT Group is ranked fifth in the top 15 listed ICT companies in the Computable 100 and has reached eighth place in the top 15 ICT service providers in The Netherlands.

“IoT.nxt’s hardware and software solutions in combination with ICT’s domain expertise in different industry verticals as well as the expert knowledge of cloud, machine learning, business intelligence (BI) and IoT, will enable us – through this partnership – to completely shape the digital transformation journey of customers.”

Joe Bester, head of IoT.nxt’s Dutch office, says the ICT Group is an ideal partner as it is a leader in its field of expertise. “Digital transformation is now a business imperative and our companies will jointly assist businesses to embark on and fast-track that process.

“We believe our innovation, especially around interoperability and edge intelligence, will enhance their offering and deliver fast results for customers,” Bester says.

According to Jos Bleje, ICT Group CEO, IoT.nxt’s technology-agnostic platform offers horizontal integration of “islands” of digitisation with good return on investment (ROI). “By leveraging all existing devices and infrastructure into one single platform, visibility and new insights are provided that will open doors for new business models and (strategic) services.”

Frank Snijders, business development executive at ICT Group, notes that the partnership will offer business-grade IoT solutions for ICT’s customers’ digital transformation journey.

“For many years several sectors have been struggling with unstructured and disparate data coming from many types of assets. With this partnership, our customers can now be supported through one interconnected, interoperable ecosystem, transforming data into actionable information and business ROI.”

IoT.nxt focuses on delivering software and hardware solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). It has developed an open platform framework that is used for rapid software development, integration and deployment in the IoT realm.