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Samsung has partnered with the world’s largest theatre operator Wanda Cinemas to bring its pioneering Cinema LED Screen technology to Wanda’s Wujiaochang theatre, located in Shanghai’s Yangpu District.
The theatre marks the first implementation of Samsung’s Cinema LED Screen in China and follows successful implementations in Asia last year in Seoul and Busan, Korea and Bangkok, Thailand and also in Europe, at the Arena Cinemas Sihlcity in Zurich, Switzerland.

“Since its introduction mid-last year, Samsung’s Cinema LED Screen has captivated the cinema industry with its potential revolutionise the theatre and filmgoing experience. Through sharper colours, true-to-life audio and an ultra-wide viewing environment, our Cinema LED Screen makes viewers feel as if they are part of the picture,” says Seog-gi Kim, executive vice-president: visual display business at Samsung Electronics.

“Through Cinema LED, we are confident that consumers in China will embrace the opportunity to engage with their favourite films like never before and are thrilled to partner with Wanda Cinemas to bring this advanced technology to this growing market.”

The new partnership expands Samsung’s relationship with the world’s leading cinema chain. A Fortune 500 company, Wanda Cinema Line operates nearly 14 347 screens at more than 1 352 theatres around the world and also owns recognisable global cinema brands including AMC, Carmike, Odeon and Hoyts Group.

Even as Cinema LED at Shanghai’s Wujiaochang theatre launches, Samsung and Wanda Cinemas are already finalising a second cinema conversion in Beijing, with plans to open the venue to the public in the first half of this year.

As the world’s first Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI)-compliant High Dynamic Range (HDR) LED theatre display, Samsung’s Cinema LED Screen delivers excellent visual quality, technical performance and reliability that surpass that of legacy projector-based operations.

Stretching nearly 10,3m wide, the Cinema LED Screen fits comfortably in usual theatre configurations, maintaining the same stunning picture quality at even the widest viewing angles. The display also transforms content with ultra-sharp 4K resolution (4 096 x 2 160) and peak brightness levels nearly 10 times greater than the typical cinema standard. As a result, viewers can experience more immersive content supported by bright colours, pristine whites and deep blacks.

To go with the stunning picture technology, Samsung paired its Cinema LED Screen with state-of-the-art audio technologies from JBL by HARMAN. This integration includes powerful speakers bordering the screen and an expanded audio “sweet spot” throughout the theatre’s seating area, producing a true multi-sensory experience the way the content creators intended.

“As the world’s leading cinema company, our customers expect a differentiated and memorable theatre experience both worthy of their investment and reflective of the Wanda Cinemas brand,” says Qi Wang, vice-president of Wanda Film Holding. “We are honoured to work with Samsung to set the new luxury theatre standard and look forward to making the Shanghai Cinema LED theatre a must-see destination for both movie enthusiasts and casual consumers alike.”

With the demands for theatre space evolving across the industry, Samsung’s Cinema LED Screen will enable Wanda Cinemas to expand the service offerings inside its improved Shanghai theatre. The display’s consistent presentation, even against dark or ambient lighting conditions, accommodates non-movie content including gaming competitions, corporate events, presentations and sports and concert simulcasting, among others.