ADATA Technology has launched the XPG SX950U 2,5-inch SATA 6Gbps Gaming SSD which utilises the latest 3D NAND flash memory and is driven by a high-speed SMI controller to reach large capacities of up to 960GB with significantly higher read/write speeds up to 560/520Mbps.
In addition, the SX950U is equipped with Intelligent SLC Caching and a DRAM Cache Buffer to provide an optimized and consistent performance.

To ensure data integrity and the safety of data transmission, the SX950U features LDPC ECC and RAID Engine technologies, enhancing the stability of the system and extending the SSD’s lifespan.

The SX950U Gaming SSD applies the latest generation of 3D NAND Flash, providing higher reliability and performance in comparison to previous 2D NAND SSDs.

With large capacities of up to 960Gb, gamers can store more games and data on the SX950U.

The SSD employs an SMI controller, along with intelligent SLC Caching and DRAM Cache Buffer, and is rated at maximum transfer speeds of 560Mbps for reads and 520Mbps for writes.

To prevent errors from occurring during data transfer, the SX950U supports LDPC ECC (Low Density Parity Check Code) to enable algorithms to operate in real-time, precisely decode, and improve the quality of data transmission.

In addition, the SX950U has built-in RAID Engine and Data Shaping technology for data safety and provides superior stability with a long lifespan.

The SX950U offers the added benefit of an extended five-year warranty.