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Rectron is planning to add Norton by Symantec to its product range, strengthening its consumer security portfolio.
The internet security software has been recognised as a top security service for consumer devices since 1991. Its comprehensive range of products offers real-time protection for PCs, Macs and mobile devices against existing and emerging threats such as ransomware, malware, crypto-jacking viruses.

Products include Norton Security Standard and Norton Security Deluxe, which also makes use of award-winning technology to alert users about risky Android apps before they download them.

For users who want to secure multiple devices, Norton Security Premium protects up to 10 PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices with a single subscription. It also offers tools that help ensure children navigate the internet safely. The product comes with 25Gb of secure PC cloud backup.

Catering for mobile users specifically is Norton Mobile Security which shields smartphones and tablets from malicious and risky apps while providing features that allow consumers to help control and maintain their privacy when online. It also allows consumers to locate, lock and wipe their device in the event of loss or theft, as well as contact information restoration and sharing.

“We are proud Rectron and their dynamic team are planning to offer our award-winning protection to small businesses and consumers,” says Sohini Nathoo, Africa manager for Norton.

“With cybercriminals continuing to look at ways they can steal personal and financial information, the threat of cybercrime is an increasing concern. Last year alone, cybercriminals stole more than $172-illion from 978-million consumers in 20 countries.

“By joining forces, Rectron and Norton together provide significant value to consumers and small businesses at a time where cybercrime is on the increase and the need for online protection and enablement is at an all-time high.”

Through Rectron, resellers are able to offer customers the ease and convenience of downloading Norton products via a link. Rather than requiring the purchase of a physical disk, the entire acquisition process can be completed online.

“Norton has been one of the leading players in the consumer security space for a great many years. Rectron is thrilled to pick up this partnership to extend our software stack. Each offering that we add to our portfolio only serves to strengthen Rectron’s position as a key cloud and software services distributor in South Africa,” comments Elaine Wang, cloud and software solutions director at Rectron.