Kathy Gibson at Dell EMC Forum, Sandton – Digitalisation is a concept whose time has come – and everyone has the opportunity to reap its benefits.
Doug Woolley, GM of Dell EMC South Africa, points out that digital transformation is a journey. “It’s about automating your business and digitising your processes.

“In South Africa, we are convinced the digital future is now. We have the skills, we have the technology, we have the know-how – there is no reason you shouldn’t be starting that journey in your own business.

“The building blocks are all in place. From a Dell perspective, all our main brands are available; and our partners are all ready to help customers with the journey.

“It’s something we can deliver today.”

Importantly, there is no end date when it comes to digitalisation, Woolley adds. Companies will continue to innovate into the future.

But Dell EMC is not just about technology – the company believes it has a responsibility to bring digital transformation into the wider world.

Which is why corporate social responsibility is core to Dell EMC’s DNA, says Woolley.

The company has a corporate initiative running now, aimed at helping to eliminate plastics from the ocean.

“We started an organisation called NextWave, and want to work with partners across the world,” Woolley adds.

As part of the NextWave initiative, Dell EMC has committed to sourcing about one-third of its packaging from recycled materials.

At a local level, the Khulisa Academy takes children and students on the digital transformation journey, helping young people to find a place in the IT industry.

The company has also got behind high-performance computing as well.

“We sponsor the South African team to go to the world High-Performance Computing Championships, against universities from all over the world. And over four years our team has won three firsts and one second.”

In South Africa, over the last few years, Dell EMC has launched 10 digital solar schools.

“We are looking at partnerships to see how we can accelerate the rollout of these schools,” Woolley says. “We are trying to build partnerships that are meaningful and make a difference in communities.”

This ties in with the fact that Dell EMC has been voted as one of the most ethical companies in the world.

“It’s part of our DNA, and part of who Michael Dell is as a person,” says Woolley.

“You get one chance at this, so it has to be ingrained in your DNA. This is the legacy we are trying to live out in South Africa – to do the right thing, even if people are not looking.”