Blue Turtle Technologies is pleased to announce that it has been appointed as a master reseller for Redgate Software.
The appointment will offer customers within the local market access to a host of database development and deployment tools for SQL Server, .NET and Azure.

Notably, Redgate which is based in Cambridge in the UK, currently offers many of the industry-standard tools for SQL Server database development, which are used by 91% of companies in the global Fortune 100 list and over 3 000 users in South Africa. The agreement between the two companies provides Redgate the perfect opportunity to expand into the African region.

“Redgate is a reputed and respected player in the database market and its tools are a welcome addition to our own portfolio, as they will enable us to unlock the real value of database DevOps environment for our customers,” states Tommy Erlank, business unit manager at Blue Turtle Technologies.

“The Redgate solutions plug into, and integrate with, the same IT infrastructure (SQL Server, .NET and Azure) used for application development, they enable companies to introduce advanced development practices like DevOps faster and easier.

“To this end, we are already working with existing customers to see how we can help them make more out of their database applications, as well as a host of new customers who want to derive more benefit from their environment,” adds Erlank.

According to Redgate it appointed Blue Turtle in the capacity of master reseller in the region as a result of the company’s ability to deliver more than just software. With particular reference to its expertise and experience in being able to deliver services that extend to advice and help with the purchase, installation and customisation of the software, as well as training.

Blue Turtle will, with immediate effect, be offering local customers access to the 15 development tools in the Redgate portfolio, which include, but are not limited to: SQL Toolbelt, SQL Provision and SQL Monitor. Customers will include: SQL Developers, SQL Database Administrators, SQL Testers, .Net Developers, SQL production support, SQL operations teams and SQL data engineering teams.

“This is our first partner in the region, and we’re excited to have Blue Turtle on board,” says Cass Lloyd, Redgate’s Partner Manager. “As more and more enterprises move to DevOps to speed up the deployment of changes, updates and improvements, they can no longer afford for the database to be the bottleneck. Blue Turtle has a wealth of experience supporting their customers in application development, and the partnership with Redgate puts them in a unique position to extend the support to include the database alongside the application.”

According to Erlank the timing of the announcement is perfect, as Microsoft has announced its imminent implementation of Azure datacentres in Cape Town and Johannesburg, in order to deliver the vendor companies popular range of cloud services directly to South Africans.

With the Redgate offering for Azure databases, Blue Turtle will be able to offer customers a unique way in which to expand the ideally positions Blue Turtle to help customers to migrate and manage their data, wherever you choose to store it. From their on-premise Microsoft SQL Server to Microsoft Azure as soon as the local Azure datacentres come online.