Oracle has announced that Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, the first service based on the new Oracle Autonomous Database, is available worldwide.
A group of customers and partners who were given exclusive access to test-drive the new self-driving database, spoke about the value of autonomous capabilities.

Accenture, Hertz, QMP Health, and Qualex joined Oracle executives on-stage to share the results they are experiencing with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, including performance advantages, lower costs, and improved security posture of their data and systems.

“Oracle Autonomous Database is a truly transformative technology for our 420 000 global customers and an important breakthrough for the industry,” said Andy Mendelsohn, executive vice-president: database server technologies at Oracle. “The self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing capabilities revolutionize how our customers will manage and secure their data. Nothing else like this exists in the market today.”

Oracle Autonomous Database introduces self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing capabilities that automate key management and security processes in database systems like patching, tuning and upgrading, all while keeping the critical infrastructure constantly running.

With the Oracle Autonomous Database, customers minimise risk and improve the security capabilities of their data and systems.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is the first of many Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud services that uses machine learning to deliver performance, simplicity and elasticity for data warehouses.

“We are at the dawn of the intelligent enterprise era, and having an automated database is a natural progression,” said Paul Daugherty, chief technology and innovation officer at Accenture. “Being able to build a self-driving data warehouse – in some cases, in only a matter of minutes or hours – can dramatically simplify the ability to generate powerful business insights, much faster than previously possible.”

“The flexibility of Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud in terms of delivering instantaneous, fully elastic scalability is truly outstanding and unique in the market,” said Erik Dvergnes, architect of Aker BP.

“Our initial tests have shown that Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud offers important innovations,” said Manuel Martin Marquez, big data engineer and data scientist at CERN. “For instance, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud automatically reduced the storage required by important control systems by a factor of 10.”

Jerry Gearding, chief technology officer at DX Marketing, said, “The elastic scalability of the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, where we can easily scale up and down and only pay for processor services when we’re actually using them is a big benefit for DX Marketing.”

“I’ve been really impressed with how Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud can take different types and sizes of analytic workloads and get better performance without any fine-tuning,” said Benjamin Arnulf, director of business intelligence and analytics at Hertz. “It will allow us to reduce costs and re-invest savings into improving customer service, thus rewarding our customers.”

Looker, a cloud-based BI and analytics company, sees a growing need for enterprise-ready but easy-to-use data warehousing. According to Keenan Rice, vice-president: strategic alliances at Looker, “We’re seeing a lot of demand from customers for a fully managed experience, and the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud makes it a lot easier for Looker’s customers to derive value from their data.”

“We’ve found that the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is very easy to use, very easy to load data, and the performance has been amazing,” said Miles Oustad, data integration team manager at Minnesota State.

“When you’re dealing with human lives, time is everything,” said Michael Morales, CEO of QMP Health. “Having the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud automatically tune and manage itself with no downtime means faster response times and quicker decisions – that’s critical for us and our patients.”

“Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is the perfect solution for Solutions AG,” said Christian Maar, CEO of “It requires no administration resources, it delivers great performance, and its flexibility means it can scale as our company grows.”