Kaspersky Lab has become the latest company to join forces with the Merchant Risk Council as a Premier Solution Provider
The Merchant Risk Council brings together a diverse mix of over 500 member companies, all of which are focused on optimising payments and reducing e-commerce fraud.

As an independent, not-for-profit business association, the Merchant Risk Council aims to facilitate collaboration between e-commerce payments and risk professionals.

Through the partnership, Kaspersky Lab brings more than 20 years of expertise in developing cybersecurity solutions to the Merchant Risk Council.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention delivers next generation context authentication, pre-real-time fraud detection and new money laundering detection capabilities.

Markus Bergthaler, director of programs and marketing at the Merchant Risk Council, says: “Fraud is a constantly changing and evolving landscape, which means it is challenging for merchants to successfully manage and combat. Having Kaspersky Lab’s team of experts on board brings an added layer of expertise to our expanding group of members. Together, we hope to be able to share knowledge and tackle this threat head on, making the Internet a safer place for everybody to buy and do business.”

Alexander Ermakovich, head of Kaspersky Fraud Prevention, says: “Most customers now use online and mobile channels for their daily needs, so it’s important for online and eCommerce businesses to be able to deliver high-level services with maximum functionality.

“Having honed our fraud prevention offering for the financial services industry, we have also evolved it to arm e-commerce, retail and loyalty schemes with the tools they need to protect themselves and their customers from fraud. We are looking forward to sharing our expertise in this area with other members of the Merchant Risk Council.”