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Securex South Africa 2018 is launching a new Cyber Lab feature this year, the first one of its kind to be introduced at the expo.
Powered by XGRC Software, a range of integrated management system solutions designed to meet a company’s governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) strategy available locally through Strategix Application Solutions, the goal of the new Cyber Lab is to create an area where awareness of information security can be raised, through an interactive approach.

Jacob O’Brien, Strategix MD, explains: “Information security is an extremely hot topic both within Africa and the rest of the world – and for good reason. In this information age, information assets are incredibly valuable to any business.

“Unfortunately, at the same time, such assets are also highly vulnerable to external threats. To put this statement into practical terms, the loss of information could result in a company losing its competitive advantages, dwindling customer confidence, a nosedive in brand image, and could even result in a lawsuit. And uninformed organisations are at a very high risk of exploitation.”

The Cyber Lab will showcase a stereotypical ‘hacker’s bedroom’ setup, taking visitors through a number of practical scenarios that could affect both work and home life. There will also be an interactive demo area, where attendees can review and get to grips with a real-life example of an information security management system (ISMS).

Furthermore, aside from the more than 20 highly topical seminar sessions to be covered at the Securex 2018 free-to-attend seminar theatre, the Cyber Lab will feature a number of specialist speakers, covering topics including ‘Social Engineering’ (which will incorporate and interactive real life scenario), ‘Cloud Safety’, and ‘What is an ISMS?’.

“In addition, we will dive into the intricacies of the ISO 27001:2013 standard, the only auditable international standard for ISMSes. Here, we will address the legal implications of the standard and look at why organisations need to assess risks associated with their information assets, and how these risks can be mitigated,” O’Brien continues.

Speakers will include Francois Labuschagne, managing director of DQS South Africa, who states: “”ISO 27001:2013 is applicable to all types of businesses regardless of size, complexity and geographic location. This is especially important for the businesses dealing with confidential information including banking and financial firms, healthcare organisations and IT services companies.”

“The Cyber Lab is just one of our value-added Securex features for visitors to the show,” says Sven Smit, portfolio director at Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery. “We’ve also launched a new app, which provides delegates with all of the show’s info at their fingertips. It’s easy-to-use and conveniently includes all the details you need to navigate your way through Securex this year, from exhibitor and partner details, the free-to-attend seminar programme, practical information on venue, travel, show times and so on, daily activity details on competitions, giveaways, demos and new product launches, and more.”