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A new “IoT in a box” solution from Dell EMC and IoT.nxt will be distributed in South Africa by Axiz.

IoT.nxt and Dell EMC have signed a strategic partnership deal that aims to help companies rapidly digitalise their business operations and make IoT solutions a reality.

“IoT.nxt’s intelligent edge IoT gateway, the Raptor, has been combined with Dell Gateway technology and through this enable rapid digital transformation,” says Nico Steyn, CEO of IoT.nxt. “We call it ‘IoT in a box’ and it provides an off-the-shelf solution suitable for any company in any industry.

“With this solution, companies can quickly see a return on investment and achieve digital scalability. It will allow them to fast forward unlocking efficiencies and drive earnings.”

He explains that IoT is premised on the fact that almost limitless processing is available in the cloud. But, by necessity a lot of processing still has to happen at the edge, which is where Raptor comes in.

“Our first question was how can we take this technology to the mass market. Partnering with Dell and Axiz allows us to take the technology and scale.”

IoT.nxt has patented a technology called SDDI (software-defined device integration), that cn extend the capability of gateway hardware to take complexity out of normalisation, security and maintenance.

“We are driving to put more intelligence to the edge; we put a fraction of the data created into the cloud. For an IoT operation, it is just not feasible to send all the data up.”

Ben Vernooij, IoT and embedded computing solutions lead at Dell EMC, says Dell has developed partnerships to help customers rapidly implement IoT solutions, and this what the Dell Raptor will deliver.

“Customers can now speed up their IoT projects and make sense of the volumes of data produced at the edge,” he says.

“This Raptor in a box solution gives companies the ability to scale quickly as the Dell Raptor is already configured to be rolled out, yet comes with the support of Dell’s global network which offers warranties and superior service,” says Steyn.

He expects the association with the trusted Dell brand to drive rapid adoption, with the established Dell support offering inspiring confidence.

The IoT in a box offering will be distributed by Axiz, which serves eight countries in southern and East Africa.

“This is an innovative offering for industry and we expect strong demand in our distribution networks,” says Axiz executive Terence Barter.

IoT.nxt is the winner of the 2017 MTN Business IoT Award, a Microsoft Gold Partner for Data Platform and was selected as one of six aspiring innovators in South Africa ahead of the 2016 Gartner ITXpo and Symposium hosted in Cape Town.

The South African company opened an office in The Hague in September last year and expansion into the US is expected to go ahead in the second half of this year.