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With a number of blockchain projects already being developed in its internal incubator, Kaspersky Lab is now also joining the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, the world’s largest blockchain initiative.
The move will bring the company to a new level of development in blockchain technology-based solutions, allowing Kaspersky Lab to network with alliance members, share expertise, and attend working groups.

“Public attention on Bitcoin makes people forget about the variety of opportunities presented to us by blockchain technology, besides cryptocurrencies,” says Vartan Minasyan, Head of Investment and Innovation at Kaspersky Lab.

“It’s important to remember that Bitcoin needs blockchain, it’s not the other way around. We believe that collaboration with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance members from wide range of business sectors will further help us to develop our blockchain solutions and make the public aware of blockchain’s advantages.”

For almost three years, Kaspersky Lab has been supporting internal and external teams in the development of new ideas and technologies within its Business Incubator, including those based on blockchain.

One of these projects is Polys, a secure online voting system backed by transparent crypto algorithms. This system makes sure that all transactions are registered, stored and counted in blockchain. Based on Ethereum, Polys can make sure the network’s participants can verify the accuracy of voting execution.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is bringing together Fortune 500 companies, technology innovators, and research organisations, to share and discuss the implementation of blockchain solutions. Attending different working group events and cooperating with experienced market players will help the Alliance’s members to ensure security in the field of innovative technologies.