Speaking ahead of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) Global Summit 2018 in London from 1-3 May, the European Commission’s Head of Unit for Radio Spectrum Policy has urged how essential the shared use of spectrum is but cautioned that challenges with implementation remain.
“Technology has created new opportunities to make more efficient use of spectrum through more and better sharing,” comments Andreas Geiss, head of unit: radio spectrum policy at the European Commission, who is set to join a panel titled “Is Technology the Best Manager of Spectrum”.

“Back in 2012 the European Commission issued a communication promoting the shared use of spectrum,” he states. “We consider shared use essential, although challenges in its implementation remain. In my presentation I will dwell on initiatives that the European Commission has undertaken to promote the shared use of spectrum.

“I will highlight some of the obstacles that we have run into, since the publication of the communication, as well as highlight ongoing initiatives of the Commission in this domain.”

The DSA Global Summit will discuss modern and innovative spectrum management methodologies, including dynamically shared and license-exempt operations. Regulators from around the world are set to converge at the event to discuss topics such as the challenges governments face in utilizing new technology systems and spectrum management tools.

“We look forward to welcoming the strongest group of regulators, government leaders and policy makers from around the world to discuss the work that is ongoing in their countries and any challenges they seek to overcome,” says Kalpak Gude, president of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance.

“We are already witnessing tremendous progress for the use of TV White Space technology in South America following the 2016 Global Summit in Colombia and in South Africa following the 2017 Global Summit. In both cases, the Summit provided an invaluable information hub for regulators to discuss and debate the future of spectrum management. These discussions are vital to promote affordable internet access in rural areas, define the future of 5G networks and enable the Internet of Things.”

This year the Global Summit will put Europe in the spotlight and add a new focus on next generation networks across the region.