Kathy Gibson is at IDC CIO Summit in Chartwell – Companies that want to thrive in the digital economy have to pay close attention to skills.
Products and process are important to be able to function better in the new world, explains Tony Parry, CEO of IITPSA.
In this respect, technologies like Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and more are added to the systems that IT has to keep running anyway.
People, however, are critical. Parry points out that, while we focus on the technical skills we need to build these systems, we have to think about the users as well.
“The digital skills race, the skills we need to cope in the digital economy – we need human capital management and strategies to make this happen.”
This is not as easy as it sounds, he adds. Current management might not be able to recognise people with the new skills that are required.
This is where a professional body like the IITPSA comes in, with the ability to outline what skills are needed.
Digitalisation won’t get very far if the people within the companies do not adhere to professional standards, Parry says.