Avaya Holdings and Afiniti, a provider of AI-based behavioral pairing solutions, have announced a strategic partnership to improve enterprise customer experience and contact centre performance by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into contact center routing technology.
The collaboration will natively integrate Afiniti Enterprise Behavioral Pairing with the Avaya Contact Centre platform.

Afiniti Enterprise Behavioral Pairing discovers and predicts patterns of interpersonal behavior to optimally pair customers with agents. With over 90 patents, Afiniti’s technology examines data and commercially available information tied to customer identity to determine patterns of successful behavioral interactions and applies these patterns in realtime to drive improvements in health, enterprise profitability, and customer satisfaction.

“Every enterprise is looking to get more out of their contact centre, and AI is the next major shift in the way contact centres operate,” says Jim Chirico, Avaya president and CEO. “Working with Afiniti provides a unique, proven AI offering, and is another example of Avaya investing in transformative technologies to deliver unparalleled contact centre performance to companies around the world.”

“This partnership highlights the shift in the communications and collaboration marketplaces towards artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies as a transformational tool for large enterprise,” says Zia Chishti, Afiniti CEO and founder. “Today, Afiniti’s AI is helping save lives and delivering billions of dollars in profitability to our global clients. Our new partnership and native integration with Avaya will accelerate the pace at which our joint clients will drive precisely measurable value to their shareholders and customers.”

Optimising interactions between customers and agents leads to greater satisfaction and loyalty, improved quality of life, and enhanced revenue and profitability. IDC estimates that the worldwide value of revenue and cost transactions flowing through the contact centre in 2018 will be approximately $5-trillion, reflecting opportunities in healthcare, telecommunications, travel, hospitality, utility, insurance, banking, among other industries with large, consumer-facing operations. Avaya and Afiniti are partnering to optimise this market opportunity.

Integrating the Afiniti Enterprise Behavioral Pairing technology into Avaya’s outbound and inbound voice routing solutions, Avaya Aura Contact Centre Elite, Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager and Avaya Oceana, extends the value of customers’ existing Avaya investment while adding AI capabilities.

The partnership will deliver an AI edition of Avaya Aura Call Centre Elite in the third quarter this year. Following this will be integration with Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager and Avaya Oceana.