According to the FutureSource Report released in Q1 of 2018, Acer is the number one education supplier for CY2017 and the top education vendor in Q4 2017 in South Africa with its TravelMate B118 device.
This device is one of the hero devices in Acer’s product line targeted towards education. Its purpose is to be a learning tool for use inside classrooms by both computer literate and non-literate teachers and students.

The TravelMate B118 has a 13-hour battery life, is a 2-in-1 convertible device, meaning it can be used as a laptop and easily turns into an 11-inch tablet, it is touch screen and comes with a matching stylus which allows younger kids to practice and develop their motor skills. All Acer for Education partners are able to purchase the device locally via Acer’s dedicated Education Partners.

Paul Collins, country manager for Acer Africa, says: “I couldn’t be more proud especially because this was a joint company effort by our employees and not achieved through tendered business.”

The focus around Acer for Education has always been to bring technology into more classrooms to help increase productivity for all teachers and students, as well as developing their ICT skills at the same time. Essentially, bringing innovative technologies to the schools of tomorrow.

Acer’s product line is designed to support the learning system at every step, taking education beyond classroom walls. The products are made for every situation and all school subjects. The hardware solutions feature tablets, 2-in-1 devices, notebooks, Chromebooks, desktops, monitors and projectors. In addition, Acer have designed unique software solutions which are all created to support dynamic and interactive learning environments.

Peter Lacey, education lead: SADC at Acer Africa, says: “Our focus has always been around defining how we can improve the quality of the teaching experience. Technology should be an enabler in the classroom. We find too many people focus on the technology and not the teaching methodology.”

He says robotics and coding are probably next on the agenda for Acer Education. “Coding and robotics is new and it’s what Acer is focusing on currently with CloudProfessor, a device that received an Innovation Award from Acer Europe.

Lacey concludes: “In order for us to continue reaching our objectives we will continue to involve both local and international content partners as this has shown to play a huge part in differentiating Acer’s offer in the market.”