A mobile operator already disrupting the established cellular market has introduced a new incentive scheme which will allow customers to earn free flights on JetVision Airlines just by buying airtime.

Introduced to the South African market to deliver value and savings for cellphone users, Aetas Mobile is disrupting the industry by giving back all money spent on airtime and data – and now flights.

Aetas Mobile director Paul van Zyl says the company has struck the partnership with JetVision to give its customers even more.

“We’ve already proven our business model over the past year, giving every one of our customers exactly the amount they spend on data and airtime back in cash. Now, we’re pleased to extend the concept through our partnership with JetVision, helping South Africans accumulate money towards flights for their next holiday.”

Aetas Mobile customers sign up for a standard Aetas Club account, at a cost of R30 per month, and get 100% of their spend paid back into their Aetas Mobile account. Taking it a step further, those who sign up for a JetMobile Club account for R90 per month qualify for the free flights deal.

Explaining how the standard Aetas Club account works, Van Zyl says if any member purchases airtime, they are instantly credited to the same amount to their linked Aetas Mobile account. “Spend R100 and you receive R100 loaded on to your account. The money can be spent on more airtime or data, or to buy the multiple products offered by our retail partners on our website.”

Is there a catch? No, says Van Zyl: “The cash back doesn’t expire so you can accumulate it through the year to spend at Christmas or other special occasions.”

He says the JetVision arrangement is the next step in the disruptor’s quest to deliver greater value to South Africa’s mobile phone users. “With JetVision on board, you can sign up for the JetMobile account and start accumulating cash towards airplane tickets for your family’s next holiday,” he explains.

As an example, he says a JetMobile account holder who buys two gigabytes of Aetas Mobile data per month for six months and saves their 100% cash back will be able to fly return for free from Johannesburg to Durban.

JetVision currently offers flights between Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and East London, says airline director At van Deventer.

“We’re thrilled to come on board with the most innovative mobile operator in South Africa and look forward to welcoming their customers on board,” he comments.

“Right now, we operate domestic routes between the major centres in South Africa, and we’ve just added Nigeria as a destination–but stay tuned, because there’s a lot more to come as we continue developing our network.”

Customers can also spend their cash back to buy tickets on Aetas Mobile or JetVision Airways’ websites. The deal works in reverse, too: buy airline tickets cash, and receive the same amount loaded to your Aetas Mobile account.

Van Zyl says there is more to come for Aetas Mobile.

“We’re actively looking at developing further partnerships and opening up new opportunities to help our customers get more from their mobile provider. We’ve got plans to include car rental and hotel accommodation services within the next 30 days and will continue to add new products and services in the months to come.”