Social recruitment has now become available to the South African business sector, with the launch of Global Refer, which offers an easy way for a user to sign-up, create a job ad and then share it to their network on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

“The platform offers the client a branded page with all the job specs and the remuneration you are prepared to pay to whoever helps you find the perfect candidate for the position,” says Miguel da Silva, director of Global Refer. “With the help of our built-in tracking system, you can reward the person whose referral clinches a new appointment.

“This incentive motivates your network, whether you’re an in-house HR professional or a private recruitment agent – to find the best possible candidate.

“The tool ensures that the recruiter connects with the correct talent pool. Even if your immediate network is not connected to the right candidate, their extended networks might be,” he said.

This means that the talent pools become more niche and accurate. The advert will also be seen by passive candidates that are not necessary looking.

Global Refer believes in securing quality talent which is why they have priced the tool at affordable rates. “For just R1 000 a month, you can post as many adverts as you need to or, opt for a pay as you go contract at an affordable R150 per ad,” says da Silva.

The application offers other benefits in the form of tools, including internal sharing, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sharing, referral tracking, calendar scheduling and invites, inbox and record of all communication, contact lists, performance statistics and the ability for users to link their careers page.