The MediaShop has selected Ruckus Networks to deploy its internal wireless network at the new head office in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

“As a communications agency, we understand the importance of uptime and customer satisfaction. For our staff, we wanted to eliminate cabling and give the team freedom and mobility to work anywhere in our new built-to-spec offices,” says Lisanne Hofmeyr, IT manager at The MediaShop. “Connectivity in and around our offices is paramount to our operations and since we were looking for a completely wireless solution – it was evident we needed a strong market player.”

LAN Logix – the preferred outsourced IT Partner for The MediaShop – offered its advice on the best connectivity solutions to The MediaShop, a company they worked with for a number of years. After extensive market research and product comparisons, Ruckus was chosen as the solution of choice.

“The Ruckus solution was a clear leader not only from an industry standard perspective but from a compliance, reliability and scalability perspective. Ruckus was the obvious choice for a company that demands reliability and zero down-time,” says Paul Hardwick, MD of LAN Logix.

Ruckus and the LAN Logix team undertook a site visit to ensure an optimal network design – one that was able to ensure the three floors in the building were completely covered by carrier-grade WiFI.

“After the design, it was decided that just 20 Ruckus R710s would service all the required networks – including the core network, BYOD network as well as the guest network,” adds Hardwick. The R710 delivers performance and reliability in demanding high-density locations.

“When it comes to Wi-Fi, enterprises are tired of unstable connections, dropped packets and erratic performance,” says Riaan Graham, sales director: sub-Saharan Africa at Ruckus Networks. “They want a smarter wireless system that provides solid coverage, capacity and reliability–but at the same time, one that is affordable and easy to deploy and manage.”

“The solution has worked perfectly since inception with an average of 250 devices connected per day throughout the office. What’s more, the upload and download speeds have been impressive – where the users are only limited by their hardware capacity,” adds Hardwick.

The installation, signal strength, reliability, security and performance has met all of The MediaShop’s predefined goals.

“Our operations director was very clear on the requirements – no hassles and make sure it just works – and that’s exactly what the teams delivered. We had also hoped to extend the network further by replicating the Ruckus solution across our branches in the coming months – and have now successfully completed deployment in our Cape Town offices as well,” concludes Hofmeyr.