Last mile logistics is a hot topic in the Supply Chain because it is regarded as the cornerstone to driving growth, profitability and customer loyalty.

Yet the complex challenges facing last mile logistics makes it difficult to perfect. This is further compounded by the unique challenges that impact on last mile providers in South Africa which are particular to the country and continent.

The limitations of address reliability, the lack of recorded and reliable road infrastructure, complex security controls and complexity – all impact on customer delight and delivery efficacy.

These issues are further complicated by a shift in consumer purchase expectations as organisations such as Amazon set increasingly high delivery standards that few in the South African last mile landscape can meet.

“The rise of organisations such as Amazon and their last mile delivery promises has seen an increase in customer expectations around faster and more efficient delivery times,” says David Slotow, CEO of Trackmatic. “Meeting these expectations while ensuring deliveries happen at the right time and the right place can be problematic. Companies, such as Coricraft face unique logistics challenges that have to be overcome using equally innovative solutions.”

Together with Craig Schneeberger, chief operating officer at Coricraft, Slotow, will be showcasing how Coricraft is revolutionising last mile logistics by creating a white glove delivery process that matches its slick in store experience.

Slotow and Schneeberger will unpack the complex challenges facing the industry and will deep dive into the trends, learnings and solutions that have been implemented. They will cover issues such as the challenges of incorrect address capture, lack of visibility creating late deliveries and high incidences of failed deliveries and the complexities around executing a profitable yet effective route plan and customer delight.

The presentation will reveal the highly disruptive and ground-breaking technologies and tools that Coricraft has implemented to transform their last mile and provide customer delight. Attendees can expect practical and insightful knowledge sharing and performance metrics driving Coricraft’s success.

The presentation will provide rich insight around how innovation and forward thinking can transform the last mile into a customer smile. It is scheduled to take place on 12 June at the 40th Annual SAPICS conference.