Fujitsu has unveiled the latest generation of its versatile Esprimo PC line-up, designed for a wide variety of desktop computing environments.

The Esprimo portfolio gets a performance boost with the incorporation of 8th Generation Intel Core processors, and gains faster peripheral connectivity via 10 Gigabit speed US.

Joining the Esprimo portfolio are new, smaller form factor systems, packing superior performance into a mini chassis.

The Fujitsu Desktop Esprimo PC line-up range of compact and cost-effective PCs are designed for business users and distinguished by industry-leading flexibility in terms of expandability and ease of use.

The refreshed Esprimo series also brings major performance improvements, especially in application processing and smoother graphics, using Intel’s latest generation H310 and Q370 “Coffee Lake” chipsets. New Esprimos also introduce Intel Optane SSD cache, providing accelerated, solid-state drive-like performance from more cost-effective, larger capacity hard disk drives.

The latest Esprimo refresh introduces models developed in line with the trend towards smaller, less-visible PCs that can be attached to the back of a desktop display or mounted out of sight – contributing to a clean and clutter-free desktop. Two new Esprimo models are 20% smaller, at just eight litres – the all-rounder Esprimo D538 and the higher-power Esprimo D738.

Fujitsu is also focusing on keeping down the total cost of ownership through actively enabling system expansion. While other vendors are making it harder or impossible to upgrade system components, Fujitsu is providing an easy way to upgrade memory modules, without voiding any warranties.

A mid-lifecycle performance upgrade can be as simple as adding additional memory, accessible via a hinged door on the system. This approach also means Fujitsu Select Expert partners have the option of providing custom-built, value-add systems for special end-customer needs.

Additional features of the new generation of Fujitsu Esprimo Desktop PCs:

* Silent operation – low noise, reduced heat output and enhanced energy efficiency.

* Peak capacity power draw now just 40W. Low power active mode delivers 40% to 60% energy savings in comparison to similar desktop PCs from other vendors.

* Optional Intel Standard Manageability (ISM) for Esprimo D738 and Esprimo P758 models.

* Increased percentage of recycled materials used in device manufacturing