BCX CEO Ian Russell has announced his imminent resignation from the company after what he called a “difficult decision”.

Noting that he had spent the past four years driving a Telkom Group turnaround and that BCX is well-positioned for strong growth, Russell said he would remain with the group for some months to ensure that “critical initiatives” and his handover ran smoothly.

With group CIO Len de Villiers resigning on 30 May 2018 after four years with the group; and Attila Vitai, the CEO of consumer, mobile and small business at Telkom, having left the end of March, Russell is the third senior Telkom executive to leave the company in quick succession.

Meanwile, Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko has anounced that Jonas Bogoshi will replace Russell as the new CEO of BCX, likely in August 2018.

Bogoshi joined BCX in April, from Dell EMC.

“Since joining BCX, Jonas has brought his wealth of experience to the organisation,” Maseko says. “He has worked with Ian as part of the team to migrate the multiple entities into the six entities that make up BCX. We are pleased to have the skills and calibre of Jonas to ensure a smooth transition. Succession planning has always been one of Telkom’s priorities.”

Bogoshi will continue to implement in line with Telkom’s growth plan for BCX. “The business will continue focusing on leading application and infrastructure service capabilities and investing in future growth areas, which include driving solutions and business outcomes for our customers,” Maseko says.