Trackmatic will present its market-leading inbound yard execution management solution at the 40th Annual SAPICS conference.

The solution, Link, is designed to enable simple and efficient inbound logistics. It is both cost-effective and comprehensive in its capabilities, transforming how organisations within the supply chain approach the complexities of yard management and control.

“There is a pervasive belief that managing the yard requires a hefty IT platform investment,” says David Slotow, CEO of Trackmatic. “However, thanks to innovation and the ubiquity of technology, this is no longer true. Today, the supply chain organisation can transform how it approaches yard execution with a simple and effective solution that’s designed to make life easier and more efficient.”

Slotow will be delivering an in-depth technical talk that examines how Trackmatic places simplified mobile technology into the hands of yard and security personnel. This not only allows for the inbound logistics teams to enjoy real time and insightful operational control, but it assures operations managers of improved visibility, safety, security and transparency.

The impact on the supply chain is significant and measurable, reducing truck turnaround times, increasing operational efficiency and delivering substantive cost savings.

The presentation will provide rich insight into how one solution can transform the complexity of yard management with the simple pressing of a few buttons.

Slotow will examine the specifications of this WMS agnostic platform and the technology that enables it. It is scheduled to take place.