Freshworks, which provides cloud-based business software, has announced an aggressive growth strategy that will expand its South African footprint.

“Our growth plan for South Africa completely leverages the company’s product strengths, financial capabilities, and technology innovation to drive industry-leading returns,” says Arihant Jain, business head: Middle East & Africa at Freshworks.

Currently, Freshworks serves select customers such as Berkshire Hathaway, DHL, Naspers, Hi-Sense, Web Africa and partners such as Teleforge, Freshtech Africa and Stridesmart in South Africa but this base is expected to grow exponentially with the company’s new growth strategy for emerging markets such as this.

As part of this growth plan, the company is inclined to make accelerated investments in hosting tailored customer events, marketing meets and roundtable conferences to build its network of brand loyalists in the region.

“The South African market expansion requires keen assessment and dedicated planning,” says Jain. “Expanding in this region is an important way to magnify the size of the market we serve, and in an increasingly globally competitive marketplace, a necessary step for us.”

He adds that the Freshworks’ suite of customer engagement products, along with a growing customer and partner base in the region, will augment the company’s local operations and transform the way businesses currently engage with their customers.

“Our aim is to build rich, meaningful engagement with enterprises of all sizes that are looking for new cutting-edge solutions to power their customer and employee experiences.”