Seraphere is set to become what it believes to be the first South African white label carrier-agnostic cloud PBX platform.

Businesses can now replace their traditional PBX without the hassle of setting up cloud services, infrastructure or platforms. Seraphere is a locally developed business telephone platform for resellers that service businesses of all sizes. It boasts a full extensive range of features and customers have freedom to choose any broadband provider.

Euphoria CEO George Golding says Seraphere will reduce all complexity, making migration to the cloud a simple experience. “Platform and infrastructure work is already done. We are the AWS’s for Cloud PBX solutions – this means no massive infrastructure costs and no specialists required to manage and maintain the system.”

The Seraphere platform provides a solution exclusively via traditional distribution channels. It is SIP compliant, enabling an open PBX environment for service providers.

Golding says Seraphere is built on the backbone of the popular and tested Euphoria PBX platform. “It is simple to setup, access and deploy. We plan to launch Seraphere into the global markets later this year, first in UK.

“This is our product built for resellers, there are good margins. We’ve designed this product specifically for them, they can rebrand the product and bill their own minutes. More importantly, they can package it the way they like and they get lion share of the income,” he concludes.