LG Electronics South Africa (LG) has entered the medical technology industry.

The organisation will now produce a clinical review monitor, a display compliant with DICOM Part 14 for clinical review applications, as well as surgical monitor for the medical field.

Africa X-Ray Industrial & Medical (Axim), a supplier of imaging equipment in the medical industry for more than 19 years, is LG’s distribution partner for the products. Axim has a history of investing in the latest technology, and its partnership with LG is no different.

“At LG, we’ve had tremendous success in our monitor business, and we wanted to translate that expertise into the medical field,” says Zandre Rudolph ITB2B manager at LG Electronics South Africa. “The medical industry demands the highest quality of technology, as it may directly impact lives.

“That’s why we focused on colour quality when developing these new products – to enable medical staff to focus on the task at hand. Our partners at Axim, with a history of success in the medical field, was a perfect match to help bring this product to market.”

Clinical Review Monitor

The clinical review monitor comes complete with a 27-inch 8MP display with IPS technology, offering an outstanding picture quality along with superb wide viewing angles. With its 178 wide viewing angles, images can be viewed simultaneously by several people with the highest quality reproduction and minimal colour shift.

In the medical field, monitors must display images accurately and consistently especially for the grayscale tone that may vary even between two monitors of the same model. To ensure the most accurate and consistent shading possible for medical images, LG measures and sets every grayscale tone on the production line to produce a monitor compliant with DICOM Part 14.

The LG clinical review monitor supports low input lag and quick response time, allowing the monitor to receive a signal quickly and display a clear image with no distortion for precise decoding of information for efficient clinical review.

A sensor measures the backlight brightness stability and automatically compensates for brightness fluctuations caused by aging for a consistently stable display during the usage time.

Additionally, the monitor includes ‘Flicker Safe,’ which reduces on-screen flickers, helping minimize eye strain and eye fatigue. By combining Flicker Safe with the proven picture quality of IPS technology, users can comfortably work throughout the day.

Surgical Monitor

The 8MP surgical monitor is a significant factor that enables surgeons and operating room staff to get a detailed picture of previously hard-to-see regions and display multiple imaging applications. Most importantly, the display provides even more accurate colour reproduction with sRGB 115%, enabling the monitor to enhance the deep red colour spectrum for colour expression.

With various features to stabilize and adjust the brightness to meet viewing standards, the LG surgical monitor carefully measures and sets every grayscale tone to create a monitor compliant with DICOM Part 14 to ensure visual accuracy and consistency. Furthermore, LG surgical monitors include a sensor that measures the backlight brightness stability and automatically compensates for brightness fluctuations over time for a consistently stable display.

LG’s surgical monitor is highly durable and scratch-resistant to protect the display during a surgical procedure. The front screen of the LG surgical monitor has an IP35 protection level and the back has an IP32 level, securing it against water or fluids that may contact it during an operation. In addition to the waterproofing safeguards, its flat surface allows for easy cleaning of the 8MP panel and control buttons.

The LG surgical monitor has optical bonding glass, significantly reducing internal reflection between the outer glass and the LCD to enhance accuracy. The improved anti-reflection ability enables a brighter and sharper display for the highest image quality.