CA Technologies has announced its new release of the CA Automic One Automation platform, a unified suite of automation products delivering intelligent automation to the enterprise.

The new release empowers Ops with new lifecycle management capabilities of automation artefacts, intelligent critical-path management and support for PostgreSQL. It also enables “shift-left” automation capabilities for developers with new automation-as-code functionality and connects automation silos through new integrations with CA Workload Automation, CA Continuous Delivery Director, and now incorporates CA Jarvis for new analytics capabilities.

Implementation of enterprise-wide automation is a key and necessary component of continuous delivery in every Modern Software Factory. Within the Worldwide Infrastructure Operations Software Market, the Delivery Automation and Delivery Application Release Automation subsector increased considerably, with Gartner forecasting 11 percent total Delivery Automation market growth (27 percent for Application Release Automation) in 2017.

CA’s Automation portfolio equips IT organisations with the tools they need to move from opportunistic to systemic automation, responding to customer needs by unifying automation silos and driving automation across core business processes. The portfolio, built on a foundation of intelligent automation that supports systems to undertake more complex tasks, apply better awareness and understand the underlying business context to deliver accurate and efficient decision-making.

Unlike other solutions on the market, the CA Automic One Automation platform encompasses a suite of products running on a single, unified platform. Enterprises can easily track, automate and accelerate the entire delivery process – from development to operations, through testing and release.

Updated features and benefits of CA Automic include:

* Empowering Ops For Faster Delivery: Modern intelligent automation capabilities to orchestrate Business Processes and the complete Continuous Delivery toolchain. Now, Operations can service the needs of their clients at pace, helping to speed time- to-market.

* Advanced “Shift-Left” Automation Capabilities For Developers: Automation-as-code features to enhance productivity and innovation in automating the continuous delivery toolchain. Developers can focus coding to enhance the customer experience, rather than time-consuming operational tasks.

* Connecting Automation Silos: New integrations between CA Workload Automation and CA Continuous Delivery Director, plus new analytics integration with CA Jarvis. Enterprises can extend their automation policies into new areas, all while maintaining their current investments and knowledge in existing technologies.