iPhone users received 29% more robocalls than Android users.

This is among the findings from YouMail’s first analysis to understand whether the amount and types of robocalls received differ depending on mobile operating systems.

iPhone users got 22% more scam calls, 25% more telemarketing calls, 32% more payment reminders and 37% more alert and reminders.

While user generally view alerts and reminders as “wanted”, telemarketing and scam robocalls are less desirable, which means that iPhone users are getting significantly more unwanted calls than Android users.

The differences in robocall volume can be attributed in part to the underlying difficulty that call blocking apps have running on iPhone, which leads to far more robocalls.

YouMail, a provider of free robocall blocking software and the YouMail Robocall Index, has released a detailed analysis of the over 3,1-billion robocalls made in the US in March, showing that iPhone users get significantly more robocalls than Android users. YouMail’s analysis includes a breakdown of robocall volumes by handset manufacturers, major carriers, types of robocalls, and types of robocall scams.