To ensure 2018 FIFA World Cup enthusiasts don’t miss a beat, Vast Networks has increased the amount of complimentary WiFi available across select shopping centres, major airports and key hospitals.

As an extra treat, in partnership with DStv, VAST is giving all DStv Premium customers uncapped WiFi at these selected venues.

To access free WiFi, customers can simply connect to the @VAST network at selected locations. This will ensure seamless live streaming of all the World Cup action from the DStv Now app.

“An estimated 3,5-billion viewers tune in across the globe to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup however, for many South Africans, the high cost of mobile data limits the ability to watch tournaments on the move,” says Grant Marais, CEO of Vast Networks. “We are thus particularly excited about keeping shoppers and travellers connected to ensure they can catch every moment – in realtime – of what continues to be a surprising and superb World Cup experience.”