In seven years, Livity Africa, trained over 85 000 people in digital skills and content development and launched over 500 careers through various training programmes.

Livity Africa today announced that it is rebranding, to become Digify Africa.

Gavin Weale, founder and MD of Digify Africa, comments: “This rebrand is really a consolidation of our purpose, to align better with who we have evolved to become and where we are headed as a social enterprise.

“Looking at our strategic direction as an organisation, it is in ‘Digify Africa’ that we find a clearer expression of what drives us and motivates us daily. And it is in the knowledge that for Africa to take advantage of the fourth industrial revolution, we need to get ‘digified’ to close the digital divide. Our mission is to do this by equipping young people with digital skills so that they can create and sustain their own livelihoods.”

Rebranding to Digify Africa is an intentional intervention aimed at confronting the digital divide, which is worsened by existing socio-economic inequalities in the country that stand in the way of access to resources and education.

Since 2014, the organisation created and delivered demand-driven digital training programmes for various professions and sectors. These programmes formed part of a learning model, which was tried, tested and practically-oriented to equip the youth to thrive in the modern workplace and in the economy.

Beneficiaries of these programmes now form an alumni community that includes entrepreneurs, digital marketers and artists who make a living through their talents and digital skills.

“At this point, the organisation has two touch points,” says head of strategy, Qhakaza Mthembu. “The first is the academy, which focuses on training. Through the academy, we equip young people with either free or affordable digital skills training.

“The other touchpoint of the organisation is the network, which focuses on helping our alumni gain sustainable livelihoods, through collaborating and partnering with them to offer services to brands and corporates such as social media strategy and management, content development and other digital marketing needs.”