Fujitsu has added a powerful new storage appliance for archiving to its portfolio.

The Eternus CS8050 NAS provides comprehensive, competitively priced storage for the archiving needs – including SoftWORM (Write Once, Read Many) features for legal compliance, integrated archive replication and snapshot-based backup processes that ensure ongoing business continuity – of medium-sized organisations.

Archiving chunks of business data over long periods of time is not only a legal requirement for many businesses, it also provides an effective solution to help manage growing amounts of retained data. With the new Eternus CS8050 NAS, Fujitsu has developed a fast and reliable archiving solution that offloads daily backup for inactive but still important business data, helping streamline daily backups.

The system packs the same high-performance Fujitsu hardware and firmware as the flagship enterprise backup and archiving platform Eternus CS8000 into a smaller, 2U rack mountable unit and is designed specifically for mid-sized IT environments.

With support for up to 200 million files, irrespective of their size, the Eternus CS8050 NAS Target Appliance is compatible with all leading archiving software vendors in providing a unified solution which can accommodate these varied archiving technologies. It supports Network File System (NFS) and Common Internet File System (CIFS) interfaces and stores data on scalable RAID protected disk storage, providing a maximum net usable capacity of up to 70 TB.

Provided with a comprehensive feature set as standard, and combining proven reliability and cost-efficiency, the Eternus CS8050 NAS appliance is the perfect solution for medium-sized businesses as well as branch offices of larger enterprises that need local data archiving.

The Eternus CS8050 NAS can securely archive essential business data to disk, across both physical and virtual environments. Its integrated backup functionality allows automatic replication of archives to another appliance, such as a second Eternus CS8050 NAS at a different location or a centralised Eternus CS8000, even over distances of thousands of kilometers. This ensures archived data can be recovered in case of a fire, flood or other business disaster. In addition, integrated snapshot-based backups of archive data allow full version control.

SoftWORM functionality stores files on a disk in a way that the data cannot be changed for a defined retention period, to ensure trusted, long-term storage of archived data, helping organisations meet strict data governance and regulatory obligations.

Olivier Delachapelle, head of category management: data centre products at Fujitsu EMEIA, says: “Whether large or small organization, data is at the core of many businesses today. With stringent compliance guidelines and GDPR challenges now impacting most sectors, a secure and reliable archiving platform is essential.

“With the Eternus CS8050 NAS, we are bringing the benefits of proven archiving and backup technology to customers with smaller storage environments, offering them an efficient solution for the long-term retention of important business data. This helps them manage the sheer amount of data they handle, fulfill legal standards and ensure the integrity and authenticity of their data at all times.”

In addition to the Fujitsu Eternus CS8050 NAS for archiving processes, Fujitsu offers other established Eternus CS8000 models for various backup and archive use cases. This includes the Eternus CS8050 model for VTL environments, typically used to support backup processes in branch offices, together with a Eternus CS8000 model in the main data-center.