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Bytes Managed Solutions (Bytes MS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of JSE-listed technology company Altron, has signed a joint venture with express courier company, Microvulintuthuko (MicroVBE), to significantly improve customer service through the fast delivery of spares to its network of field service technicians managing and supporting customer devices.

“Although we have intelligent systems to track spares and our technicians in the field, there are times when the technician may not have a particular spare,” says Chad Baker, MD of Bytes MS. “This is where our express courier service comes into play to ensure that the customer is not inconvenienced.

“This investment forms part of our commitment on delivering exceptional service to all our customers as well as supporting local industry and economic development.”

Working closely with MicroVBE, Bytes MS will revolutionise customer service for its broad customer base thanks to the small to medium enterprises’ (SME) on-site delivery capabilities.

“With this partnership, technicians are no longer required to travel from site to the warehouse and back when they don’t have the required spares,” says Baker. “Now, dedicated motorcycle delivery teams are on site at our Selby warehouse, ready to deliver the spares when the technician calls in and requisitions the parts.”

The partnership came about as a result of an Absa supplier development initiative, in conjunction with its partners, to develop small to medium enterprises (SMEs). Once the selected SMEs have completed a stringent training programme they attend a function where they can network with Absa business partners. The event provides the SMEs with an opportunity to potentially partner with relevant organisations to grow their footprint and use their new-found skills.

“We met with the three owners of MicroVBE – Mpume Mhlongo, Sli Msomi and Phila Msomi – at the function and realised that they were the ideal partners to help us resolve the challenges faced by our field technicians,” explains Baker. “Working closely with MicroVBE we can transform on-site support for all our customers.”

The partnership will see two drivers permanently based at the Bytes MS warehouse in Selby to eliminate delays and improve speed to delivery.

A live Track and Trace solution for immediate serial number tracking, a tracking device provided by sister company Netstar, plus goods in transit insurance – will ensure ongoing security and live route tracking. Every aspect of the joint venture is aligned with Bytes MS’ commitment to developing local SMEs and continuously improving on customer experiences and service delivery.