The discussions around digital transformation goes on, but as the concept matures, so does our understanding of the practical barriers and challenges facing companies everywhere.

By Brad Pulford, Channel Lead, Dell EMC South Africa

Transforming in this new age is not easy nor something the best technologies can remedy. To create the change that will take our world forward, we need to understand the realities of this new era and how to address them for our customers.

This will be the aim of the Dell EMC Africa Partner Conference, to be held from 25 to 26 July in Cape Town. Dell EMC’s partners are the glue between us and our customers. As such, the event will cater to helping our partners – both channel and distribution – have the capacity and insight to take our critical elements to the market.

What does that mean? Foremost, this is not a technology event. Yes, it is about technology, but we will not be discussing the nitty-gritty of bits and bytes. Instead, the content is geared towards the c-suite, the group of leaders who are creating, guiding and championing transformation in companies.

Nor is this just about the CIO, who will tell you that sometimes the hardest battles are when trying to convince and collaborate with other leaders around digital transformation. This event will be about that: articulating the value of the digital era to all business leaders.

There will be a myriad of conversations and presentations,  talking about the industry, the economy and what we’re doing at Dell EMC to help our partner base make it real for customers. We have a great digital transformation story, but how can that become tangible to customers? What resources and tools are available? How can our partners leverage these and physically take advantage of the opportunities?

The goal is to bridge the divide between theory and practicality. The event will cover three broad themes: helping customers’ journey from capex to opex technology projects, expanding the innovation conversation, and how Dell EMC’s transformation pillars provide the framework for successful transformations.

We will communicate the primary areas of focus with our forum of critical partners. We want to very clearly say what is happening around innovation in our market that will help differentiate their value propositions with their customers. We will highlight the required capabilities, both current and future, to make sure our partners can help customers. Finally, we want to make sure our partners are enabled from a tools perspective, understanding what resources and opportunities we can offer them.

There is great value for businesses in digital transformation. The solutions providers that can deliver on that value, be it through infrastructure, user devices, security services or numerous other avenues, will have a bright future. At Dell EMC we want to help our partners keep those delivery promises, helping change the world – and everyone’s bottom lines – for the better.

We would like to thank our sponsors for being a part of this event, it really would not have been possible to have these important discussions if it weren’t for them: