AutoEntry, which provides automated data entry software for accountants, bookkeepers and business owners, has announced its partnership with EasyBiz QuickBooks, following the launch of its partner program.

AutoEntry is now available as an add-on via the EasyBiz QuickBooks marketplace, syncing effortlessly to all QuickBooks software.

EasyBiz QuickBooks has been the exclusive distributor of QuickBooks accounting and business software solutions in South and sub-Saharan Africa, since 2004. Since then, QuickBooks market share of small, medium and growing businesses in these markets has grown significantly, with more than 60 000 businesses leveraging its technology.

By joining the AutoEntry Partner Program, EasyBiz QuickBooks will make AutoEntry available to businesses in the region, enabling new users to drive significant cost and time savings through the automation of bookkeeping data entry.

AutoEntry has been adopted by more than 2 000 accounting and bookkeeping firms worldwide, with over 50,000 small businesses set up on the platform.

Brendan Woods, CEO and founder of AutoEntry, comments: “As firms increasingly adopt automated solutions in order to work more efficiently, our international customer base is growing rapidly, and we pride ourselves in offering excellent service delivered at a fair price. We’re delighted to announce our partnership with EasyBiz QuickBooks and we look forward to working with more businesses within its network.”

Gary Epstein, MD of EasyBiz QuickBooks, comments: “Digital innovation is enabling businesses to cast off unprofitable and inefficient ways of working and with that in mind, we provide our network with a range of hand-selected, third party apps to simplify the working day. We consider AutoEntry to be a best-in-class solution, and as part of this agreement, we’ll offer AutoEntry as a recommended QuickBooks add-on to the businesses we serve.”

Available as a web and mobile app, AutoEntry accurately automates bookkeeping data entry into QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. With its broad range of features AutoEntry drives unparallelled productivity gains. And with its cost effective pricing plans, it’s also up to 60% cheaper than alternative solutions.

Key features include:

* Flexible document capture: AutoEntry automates the capture of data from a broad range of documents including bank and credit card statements, bills, invoices, receipts and more.

* Expenses folder: Upload expense receipts or invoices, adding these to expense reports before posting this information into accounting software.

* Full line item detail: AutoEntry accurately captures full line items, including the description, unit price and quantity for each line.

* Line item rules: Apply rules to intelligently categorise purchases at line item level by remembering full descriptions, specific words or part numbers (much like bank rules).

* Purchase order matching: AutoEntry enables captured invoices to be matched to open purchase orders.

* User permissions: Set or restrict permissions in AutoEntry, to control the level of access users have to certain information.